Welcome OIS Family to this school year.

The Department of Student Services wishes to echo the commitment we have acquired as an interdisciplinary team of Promoting in the educational community of Oxford International School (administrators, teachers, students and parents) the culture of inclusion in a fair, supportive and welcoming environment, and where the collaboration of everyone in it is fundamental.

For this we have a team of professionals dedicated to guide teachers with methods, techniques and procedures to achieve a teaching-learning process suited to the needs of students.

This support is strengthened when you, as parents, collaborate in communicating those challenges that you can observe at home or consult about opportunities to enhance the skills observed in your visitors.

Our team is constituted by:

Michelle Smith msmith@ois.edu.pa, Coordinator

Rogelio Burke rburke@ois.edu.pa, Counselor

Nellda Bullon nbullon@ois.edu.pa, Advisor in Special Education and Scholar Inclusion.

Katherin Beltran kbeltran@ois.edu.pa, Psychologist

Yadira Olmos yolmos@ois.edu.pa, Psychologist

Aaron Ferro, aferro@ois.edu.pa, Vocational Orientator – Psychologist

Lilvania Vega ldiaz@ois.edu.pa, Holistic Teacher – Psychologist

Best Regards,

Michelle Smith Drew

Student Service Department

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford