Students Social Service (SSS) is mandatory in the curriculum for all 11th and 12th graders, of both official and private schools in the Republic of Panama. This is in accordance with Decree #1003 of August 31, 1998, issued by the Ministry of Education. Students who don’t comply with this requirement will not be granted the High School Diploma.

OIS is committed to fulfill this important social project with the intent to:

  • Sensitize our youngsters about Panama’s social and cultural day-to-day situation.
  • Promote the values of life and the respect for our neighbors.
  • Strengthen our national values, the love for the work we perform and our personal and social responsibility.
  • Build social and spiritual consciousness.

For the last eight years, OIS’s students spend two weeks in February, during their summer vacation, working in different communities on a project called “self-sustainable farms” directed and supervised by the Patronato de Nutrición, a welfare organization that promotes good nutrition for the needy.

The most important objective of this organization is to diminish the levels of malnutrition by teaching the members of these communities how to work the land, and obtain what they need for their daily diets and at the same time begin their own small business.

Oxford International School believes that through social service projects we encourage our families, and mainly our students, to have a spirit of solidarity and cooperation. All this will be directly reflected in the reinforcement of human values and instill the desire in our students to become permanent participants in the changes that our country needs.