Procedures and Documents

Dear Parents:

Oxford International School warmly welcomes you to our admissions section.

Although we support students who are experiencing difficulties with the English language, OIS candidates require a demonstration of English proficiency or proficiency.

Admission process

  1. Fill out and send the registration form along with the complete documents to the admissions email (
  2. The admissions section will inform you if your documentation is complete to schedule the admission test. (see requirements below)
  3. When the admission test is scheduled, you must pay for it in our accounting section. Please contact: . The amount needed to pay for preschool is $ 50.00 and for  1st to 11th grade is $75.00). Our accounting section will inform us of your payment.
  • OIS does not host students in 12th.
  1. Once we receive your payment for the test, we assign a date. The test consists of: (from preschool to 1st grade a diagnostic test, from 2nd to 11th grade the test consists of an English test and a mathematics test in English and Spanish).
  2. Then we proceed with the interview of the parents.
  3. Once we have the results of the test, we schedule the interview to communicate them.
  4. If the student passes their assessment, admissions will notify them to pay the tuition and admission fee with the accounting department. (both amounts are paid together). The costs can be seen in the

Admission Requirements

1.  Fill out Admission form.
2. Birth Certificate, if you are a foreigner it must be apostilled.
3. 2 passport size photos – (2×2 inches)
4. Copy of your passport if you are a foreigner.
5. Medical Report signed by a doctor in Panama. (OIS format attached)
6. Copy of the immunization card.
7. Last report or newsletter.
8. Previous school recommendation form. (OIS format attached)

(Send it to the school where the student comes from so they can fill it out, sign it and send it back to the admissions sections)

1.  Credits from all previous grades. Including proof given by kindergarten (copy of apostilled credits if they are foreigners)
2. Letter of good conduct.
3. Copy of 9th Grade Certificate.
4. Validation letter if they have studied abroad.
5.  Admission Test