Our Program

Millennium Preschool

Our study program is shared with parents through the RENWEB platform, using Weekly and Monthly to provide parents with the content that will be worked during that period, as well as our Microsoft 365 TEAMS platform.

We have elaborated each plan thoroughly taking into account the age of each group and their needs by objective. These plans are shared in both English and Spanish language.

We work with students through pre-recorded videos (asynchronous classes), individual calls, group calls and parents made by teachers to develop the content of the objectives established according to the ages of the groups, in order to work the learning areas separately, as well as the minimum essentials requested by MEDUCA. The videos have a maximum duration of 15 minutes due to the ages of our students and the suggested screen time for them.

Special subjects such as Music, Dance, Art, PE, Social Skills, and Technology are through asynchronous videos recorded by teachers to reinforce the content of these subjects; these classes are not part of the minimum essentials of MEDUCA, however, for Millennium Kids it is essential to develop these skills.


Be able to continue working from home the minimum essentials of each learning area for preschool age.
Maintain a gear between parents and teaching staff to balance class work.
Allow our students to continue with the right to education.
Create a routine that favors the interaction of students with their school activities.