Our Program


At Millennium Kids we focus on facilitating meaningful learning for our children, allowing them to discover a window to the outside world. In our classrooms they can experiment through situations in the environment and exploit their curiosity: learning by doing.

We work with qualified and prepared staff so that our students reach their full potential. We mold our children capable of discovering the fascinating world of Science, Mathematics and English through playful and fun exploration.

We develop the soft skills of each of our little ones and focus on social and emotional learning, leaving a mark on them, planting the seed of leadership. We find a way for them to stand out according to their abilities and their personality.

We turn learning into a great adventure of authentic and meaningful experiences. Our main intention is to prepare them for the world and in this way our teaching principles are based on learning by competences, that is: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together