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High School Regular Class Schedule

  • Class hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • The class sessions are distributed in 45-minute periods among the different subjects in our curriculum, it should be noted that most of the subjects are taught in English.


High School section covers the levels 9th Freshman, 10th Sophomore, 11th Junior and 12th Senior respectively. High School aims to achieve knowledge and skills by stimulating comprehensive development, promoting the development of communication skills in Spanish and English, but with more rigorous scope in the graduation profiles. Our Bachelor of Science and Arts offers subjects such as Biology, Physics, Calculus, English and others following the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Common Core Standards in a learning environment with continuous innovation, which guarantees the construction of solid moral, cultural, scientific – technical values allowing the development of critical, creative and reflective thinking, enabling the student to continue higher studies at local or international universities, or enter the working environment of the world based on an in-depth knowledge of English and computers, in addition to solid training in the other aspects of the curriculum performing competitively and the chosen field. In High School, students also meet with an educational advisor or counselor to receive guidance on careers and advise on preparing for admission at universities.

9th 10th 11th 12th
Spanish * Spanish * Spanish * Spanish *
Geography * Geography * Geography * Geography *
History * History  * History * History *
Moral y Values Ethics * Philosophy * Logics
French French French French
English English English English
Project Management Trigonometry Pre-Calculus Civics *
Math Biology Biology Calculus
Science Chemistry Chemistry Biology
Physical Education * Physics Physics Chemistry
Technology Physical Education * Physical Education * Physics
Civics * Technology Technology Technology

Subjects with asterisks are taught in Spanish.


Dear parents and students

A new year begins with a great desire to start our classes, share with our classmates and teachers. That emotion that always invades us when that moment approaches to know if my dear friends from last year will share the same room, the same table for lunch, work in teams for classworks, games, projects and others.

Accompanying our children on the first day of school, hearing how things have been for them in class, sharing what they’ve learned, the joy of seeing them learn new things is a unique feeling.

Like you, all who make up the great OIS family have expectations that we want to achieve through our work and effort. Our driving force is to see that the objectives are met day by day by developing high academic skills and values in each of our students.

Let us all unite to make our expectations come true, to make this school year one full of achievements through the commitment and responsibility of all, promoting respect for human diversity with the belief of continuous improvement, creativity, motivation for the best version of each one of us.


Danecia Glasgow
High School Principal
Oxford International School

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