Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is Oxford International School a bilingual school?

Yes, most of our classes are in English since preschool.

  1. What calendar does OIS have?

We abide by the calendar from March to December.

  1. What is the policy for students transferring from a different calendar?

In accordance with MEDUCA policy, students must continue in the same grade and will be promoted to the next level, next school year.

  1. What is the school schedule?

Find it in the academic section.

  1. How many students are there per classroom?

The information is in the Demography section of the web.

  1. Does the school have accreditation?

Yes, we are under Cognia accreditation.

  1. How does OIS determine the grade a preschool or 1st grade student enters?

According to MEDUCA regulations, the student must be the age the age of the grade to enter at the beginning of the school year indicated by MEDUCA.

  1. Does the school wear uniforms?

Yes, the school has uniforms, and the information is in the Policies and Rules section of our website.

  1. Does the school have a cafeteria?

It does have a cafeteria service. Details in the Other Services section in our website.

  1. Does the school offer extracurricular activities?

It does have wide portfolio of extracurricular activities which is in the Extracurricular Activities section of our website.