Welcome to Oxford International School.

We offer international bilingual education as part of our commitment to the comprehensive education of our students, aiming to achieve academic excellence and strengthen social and cognitive skills, providing an innovative learning environment with the highest educational standards in Panama.

Educational Levels

Millennium Kids
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Elementary School
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Middle School
High School

The International company Cognia, formerly known as AdvancED, has the highest academic quality standards. Accrediting yourself with Cognia means being part of an educational community of more than 36,000 institutions from 85 countries, who collectively conduct research and recruit best practices from thousands of educators who share a passion for improving teaching methods worldwide.


Integrating Learn Microsoft into the curriculum of Oxford International School empowers not only our students but also our teachers and staff with cutting-edge digital tools and resources. From enhancing digital literacy to fostering collaborative learning experiences, Microsoft's platform enriches the educational journey at Oxford International School, equipping both students and educators with essential skills for success in the modern world


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